What Is Scrap Worth of Junk Toyota 4Runner?

What Is Scrap Worth of Junk Toyota 4Runner?

Oi, you got a dormant Toyota 4Runner tucked away at the back of your property or just eating up space in the ol' garage?

Here's a bit of sunshine for ya! You don't just have to stare at that old motor collecting dust; you can actually pocket some dosh from it. This year, I made the choice to part ways with my 2008 Toyota 4Runner that's seen better days.

Key Takeaways:

1. Toyota 4Runner owners can either sell their non-working vehicle for scrap or sell the parts separately for potentially more profit.
2. The value of selling a 4Runner for parts depends on the condition and demand for specific components, with the engine, transmission, and catalytic converter often being the most sought-after.
3. The average scrapped Toyota 4Runner in the US might fetch around $800, but values can range from $300 to $1200 depending on various factors.
4. Even without a title for the 4Runner, it can still be scrapped, but the value received might be significantly reduced.

It took a bit of homework, but I sorted out what the best move was for my trusty 4Runner and how to turn it into cash.

You're looking at two choices really - sell your non-working 4Runner for scrap or flog the parts separately.

So, what's the best bang for your buck? Well, it boils down to the value of the parts compared to the scrap metal value.

If you decide to let go of the 4Runner as scrap, you can have it towed away lickety-split, with some quick cash in your pocket.

Selling parts off your 4Runner is a plan, but only if you're going to make a tidy sum more than just scrapping it. If you go this route, you've got to weigh up how much time you want to put in, and if you've got the space, tools, and know-how.

Is it worth the faff? I had a good think about it when I wanted to clear out my garage, so I drew up a bit of a comparison to weigh it up.

What's The Best Shout? Part Out My 4Runner Or Send It To The Scrapyard?

Toyota 4Runner: Parts or Scrap? (Bit of a Comparison)

Parting Out Selling as Scrap
Parts' Value
You might be quids in if the 4Runner's parts are still in tip-top shape. The dosh you get is mainly based on the metal's weight, not the fancy bits.
Time & Effort
Takes a good chunk of your time, plus the hassle of selling each part. Nice and easy; the scrapyards deal with the messy bits.
You'll need a bit of room for all the bits and bobs during the process. Sell it, and it's out of your hair straight away.
Tools & Skills
Need your toolkit and some know-how to break it down. You just need to make the call, no messing with wrenches.
Market Interest
Your profit hinges on if there's demand for your 4Runner's parts. It's all about the going rate for scrap metal.
Paperwork and All That
Some places might want you to do a bit of paperwork for selling used parts. Just hand over the title, and in some cases, you might need a salvage title.

If it was me, I'd flog the best bits of the 4Runner first, and then let the scrapyard handle the rest.

Which Toyota 4Runner Used Parts Are In Highest Demand?

Right then, what's the first thing to ask? It's pretty simple, really. I wondered which bits of a Toyota 4Runner are the most sought after. Normally, the top dogs in this game are the engine, transmission, and the catalytic converter, aren't they?

After having a gander on eBay, I jotted down some of the most popular Toyota 4Runner parts and the sort of dosh they're fetching:

  • Engine ($900 - $2000)
  • Transmission ($650 - $1300)
  • Catalytic converter ($300-$1000)

And before you cart it off to a scrapyard, think about pocketing a bit extra from:

  • Jack
  • Battery
  • Radiator
  • Alternator
  • Spare tire
  • Wheels and tires
  • SatNav and audio systems (if they're there)

How Much Can You Get for Toyota 4Runner Scrap Parts?

If you're mulling over parting out your Toyota 4Runner, remember prices can swing a fair bit depending on your motor's miles and how it's held up over the years. I stumbled on this nifty chart that gives you a ballpark figure for used car parts, no matter the brand or model.

TIP: Shiny parts in good nick? Flog them on places like eBay or Craigslist.

Truth be told, not all bits of my 4Runner were mint, some were proper knackered. Who's going to want them? Turns out, there are loads of companies out there willing to snap up scrap parts. They're after the precious metals, you see. There's the local scrapyard, or those online buyers we'll chat about in a mo.

TIP: Damaged or non-working parts? Scrapyards might still have a butcher's.

I clocked that a lot of folks are curious about the scrap price for a Toyota 4Runner's catalytic converter. They're packed with metals like palladium, rhodium, and platinum, aren't they? That made me think about flogging off those damaged bits for scrap.

But then, I wondered if the potential earnings were really worth my time. I did the math - taking my hourly rate ($100) and the time I'd need to sort it all out (easily 50 hours). I could make $5000 in my spare time, sure. But is it worth missing the kids' footie matches or turning down making a pizza with them? Not on your nelly!

Toyota 4Runner Scrap Prices: What's Your Old Motor Worth?

According to Junk Car Medics, on average, a scrapped Toyota 4Runner in the US fetches around $800, but you could be looking at anything from $300 to $1200. A 4Runner's scrap value depends on where you are, the condition, current scrap rates, any title hiccups, and its weight. On average, a scrap car's worth about $350 per ton.

Given that a 2008 Toyota 4Runner weighs about 2 tons, you might pocket around $700 for your old vehicle.

If it's just the shell left, reckon on getting about $175 per ton. Take a look at the current weight of your specific Toyota 4Runner model year and do the sums.

What Might Influence Your 4Runner's Scrap Price:

  • Year it rolled off the line
  • How it's held up over the years
  • Value of the bits and bobs
  • Scrap metal weight
  • Local scrap prices
  • The paperwork you've got for it

What's the Deal with No Title on Your 4Runner?

Now, here's a thing – even if you don't have the title, you can still scrap your 4Runner. But, trust me, you'll fetch a lot less cash without it. And having no title might limit your options, 'cause some junkyards might just turn you away.

For my old Toyota 4Runner, I had a clean title, luckily. If not, I reckon I'd have pocketed almost a third of what I got!

Title Condition Average Offer Percentage
Clean Title $614.11 77.73%
No Title $237.64 15.53%
Rebuilt Title $726.79 6.73%

Where's the Best Bang for Your Buck?

This is where things get interesting. If you're thinking of scrapping your non-runner 4Runner and hope to make a quid or two, you'll want to get several quotes.

I'm not going to shout out who I chose to offload my old 4Runner to, as it'll sound like I'm plugging them. Instead, I've put together a list of reputable places in the States. Give 'em a call, see who gives you the best deal.

If you fancy more details on these scrappers, you can check out some reviews here.

Top Scrap Dealers to Consider

Logo Company Website
Junk Cars US More Details
SellMax More Details
CarBrain More Details
Junk Car Medics More Details
Copart Direct More Details
Cash Auto Salvage More Details
DamagedCars More Details
Wheelzy More Details
Pick-n-Pull More Details
Peddle More Details

So, if you're wondering about the process – here's how it went down for my 4Runner:

  • Got a few offers, played 'em against each other
  • Picked the best deal
  • Emptied out the old girl (all my junk)
  • Gave her a quick clean
  • Sorted out the paperwork using this handy guide
  • Organized a pickup
  • Handed over the title
  • Job done – got paid!
  • Squared away the insurance
  • Rang up the DMV to scrap the registration

Top tip: Most of these scrap car buyers will pick up your motor for free, and some even help with the title transfer – sweet deal!

Wrapping It Up

Why go through all this fuss, you ask? I had some great memories with that 4Runner, and that's why I set up this site. I hope sharing my journey gives others a clearer path if they're thinking of scrapping their beloved Toyota 4Runner. In the end, for me, it was a trip down to the local yard.

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